What is Seo? Seo for beginners

What is Seo

What is Seo (Search engine optimalization) and how can I rank on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo? In this ConsulancyTube article I will explain the truth about Seo (Search Engine Optimalization) and how you can rank in your niche. First of al thank you for clicking on this article, there is a big chance you found us on Google, Yahoo, Bing Or Duckduckgo. This is proof of ranking and that what comes next in this article is important and has great value. This is also a proof we can rank your website and we know what we are talking about. This is because of the 14 year of experience in doing Seo and building websites.


What is Seo

Seo Specialist

Seo Need to know before you start. These are the numbers

You might come across this question on the inter net What is Seo. On the net everyone is talking about Seo and doing Seo but when it comes to doing Seo first thing you will see is, The website don’t rank for the keywords it is suppose to rank for. Don’t worry because this just a temporary problem and it can be solved. I am a person who first inform you before you get into this waters. Questions we frequently get are:

  • Is Seo hard to do
  • How long does your website need to rank
  • I followed al te tips from Youtube and i still don’t get any results .
  • How much does it cost to do Seo
  • Why does my site doesn’t appears on Google
  • Can i rank locale
  • Can i compete with big sites

What is Seo and how to optimize your keywords

I will answer the questions one by one and explain them in depth so you will get a good description of what the tasks are and the road ahead. Do not underestimate the what is standing in front of you. This journey is hard but the rewards are greater. With Seo you can rank on the first page and get free traffic for years to come. According to Hubspot 68% of the people click on organic results and this is the majority of all the traffic on the search engines. This means that 32% of the people click on paid ads because they are in your face. Imagine you getting 68% of all the people in your niche because you are ranking high.

First page ranking position

The first page ranking position is the most important job and should be your priority. If you wonder why: Because of the amount of different of traffic you will receive. The paid add wil cost you between 0.30 cents and can go as high as 20 dollars. To get to the first page is going to be a challenge even if you are an expert in this area. Why? Because of the computation, Everyone wants to rank in the first 3 positions of a search engine. It doesn’t matter if it’s google, Bing, Yahoo or Duckduckgo. The first 3 positions will change your live and your business and give it a 360. The veterans always focus on Seo because we know this is the way to go. One of the strategy we use and advice everyone is focus 90% on Seo and 10% on Paid ads. If you do this in the long run you wil get the gratification you wanted, if you ever read the book The marshmallow test you know what i mean. For those who don’t know i will give you a small summery of this. In the video below you can listen and see the graphics. In a nutshell if you have the patience to wait for your site to get to the first page you will get a lot of gratification from it. If you choose to focus on ads and only ads you are building your business in momentum and the momentum is as long as you advertise.

This video explaines the Marshmellow experiment.

First page ranking results within 6 to 3 years

How to get to the first page as fast as possible? Perhaps is this the first question that popup into your mind. 6 Months is a long time without seeing any real results right? If someone tell you they can get you on the first page within day’s. I would say it is possible if you got a domain authority, if this is the case the possibility is high they can rank within days in a weak niche market. In niches like clothes especially woman’s clothes it’s not possible, will take months of optimizations. This is an ongoing project to keep the site on the first position because your computation is working hard to get to the first place. They have their team of experts fighting for them and this is highly recommended if you want to get to the first spot of google.

How to track your google ranking and position

Webmaster tools like Google search Console are common used because of the accurate graphics, metrix and data. In Google Search Console you get the possibility to see your rankings data and the growth of each keyword. This webmasters tool has different metrix for you to track your website and keywords. The main data is:

Google Search console
  • Organic Google clicks
  • Organic Google Impressions
  • Organic Google CTR (Click True Rate)
  • Organic Google ranking position
Seo growth chart graphic

Organic traffic from 0 to 750 visitors within 3 months

This is a musthave in combination with Google Analytics.

Compare Free Organic traffic versus Paid ads

There are some benefits you get from paid ads and 3 of them are.

  • Fast results
  • Fast traffic
  • Fast sales

Of course this are the benefits of paid ads and you should run ads to get data and optimize your website. Optimize a website is the most important task you should focus on because this leads to conversations, Leads and new costumers. For any search engine to rank your website properly your website must be optimized. By running ads you can do this in less den one month. In this Periode you will get sales and with each optimization your sales will grow. Sometimes an website is build the right way from the get go and it has a good user experience. In this case you only need to optimize your website for ranking.

Downside of paid ads

If you run ads it will cost you and sometimes the cpc ( costs per click) can go as high as 20 dollars. One example is Linkedin, The costs per click are breaking records and this is because of the value of leads. If you get one good lead it can make your company millions or slingshot it to Forbes list. A major drawback with paid ads is: If you don’t know what you are doing or you don’t have the right strategy it will drain your pockets and in most of the time the business without a strategy and don’t know what they are doing will go broke in less then 3 months. I know people that got a loan from the bank and they advertise because of Youtube video’s they have seen. Some of them spent in 3 months 100K+ with no results and the friends who let ConsultancyTube guide them got amazing results. If you want to start doing paid ads and you are new or you do you want to take your business to the next level i would recommend you to contact ConsultancyTube for a brainstorm session.

Organic Search Engine Optimization Statistics

  • HTTPS: 94%
  • People Also Ask: 85%
  • Knowledge Panel: 41%
  • Reviews: 40%
  • Local: 39%
  • Videos: 22%
  • Featured Snippets: 16%
What is Seo

Seo Specialist

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