Site down after plugin updates, What to do next?

Site down after plugin updates, What to do next? - Website Doctor

Is your site down after plugin updates? In this article we will explain how to avoid or solve this big fatal error sign. I was talking to one of my clients of ConsultancyTube regarding this subject and this subject always bring a lot of discussion to the table. You would expect a big multinational company as WordPress would have this all under controle and after all those years they solve this huge bug. This is an ongoing bug when doing a update to your WordPress site and is one of the reasons why you should dive into this subject of website updates, in this article we will tell you how you can solve or avoid this problem.

5 Things you should know about WordPress plugin updates:

  • Updates are necissery to keep your website running smoothly and how it should.
  • Plugin need to be compatible with other plugins
  • Plugin must be tested
  • Plugins next version need to be compatible with WordPress and the other plugins next version or current version.
  • Plugins are the essential for your WordPress site if you want to have controle over your own Site
Site down after plugin updates, What to do next?

Website Doctor

Site down after plugin updates, What to do next? Plugin updates notification wordpress

Fatal error site down after plugin updates

Fatal error is when the plugin you gave an update is not compatible with one of the plugins or your WordPress site. Most of the time you will keep get this message time after time. After you solved a problem the other one appears or pop up and if your website is getting traffic this can be a major issue. Website down means no traffic and no sales and in the worst case scenario Google will scan your site and drop your ranking. When this problem presents and happen you need to solve this immediately! it can cost a lot of damage to your online ranking reputation. Your Seo on all the search engines will drop.

Fatal error after plugin update

Advice how to solve this problem – plugin updates or Fatal error

Website Doctor

If you are aware and know what you are doing you need to take the next steps:

  • Log into your FTP provider if you don’t have any yet, We recommend using Filezilla. You need to get into the backend of your website into the files.
  • Open your error_log and troubleshoot.
Site down after plugin updates, What to do next? - Fatal error

Error log

  • After finding the cause you need to change it or add more.

If you don’t know how i will recommend you to let us or someone with great knowledge of codes and script. As upon now if you don’t know what you are doing you will cause only more damage to the site. If it just happend we can solve this problem within a few hours. You will be in time to avoid the Google penalty because your website is 6 hours offline. After this 6 hours google will start de-rank you and it will take for months to recover from this drop in your online ranking.

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