Invest in yourself and make the best of yourself. By investing in yourself you know it’s for ever. If you won’t you will get the results you have now and this will stay for your whole life. Invest in yourself and give your future the best.

  • Digital courses: Acces to the website by paid subscription plan starting from $49,99 – $4.999
  • Consulting: $110 per hour
  • Seo (Search Engine Optimalization): Locale $499, National $2300 and international from $7999 per month.
  • Sea (Search Engine Advertisings): Shopping $799 – up and running within 1 day and monthly plan of $ 499. Display advertising $199 – per display advertising. Yahoo, Bing and Google prices are per search engine.
  • Socialmedia marketing: $699 per month 1 campagne.
  • Website builders: Starting from $599 one time
  • Optimize: Depends on the amount of work $180 per hour
  • Mastermind: Phone call and brainstorm upon your next step or move: $499 Per hour
  • Website doctor: Suddenly your website crashed and no one to help you? We will solve this for you within 2 hours max for $999
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