Local Seo

Local Seo is of great importance for your business. Get visitors to your shop or to your website.

What is Local Seo?

Seo local is ranking in your local area and receive free traffic to your website or your store. It’s important to rank in Google, Yahoo or Bing if you want to get revenue. Everyone knows that cashflow is important and when you are doing advertising you will run out of money if you don’t target you’r ads the right way. They say when advertising you will get 2 dollars out of 1 spent. I can assure you that isn’t true! with a lot of luck you will get 1 dollar out of 1 dollar. If you have a really good campagne you can maximize it 3 out of 1 dollar. This is way up-sell is importantant when you are doing advertising and it doesn’t matter if you are doing Socialmedia advertising on Facebook, Instagram or twitter. The ratio of will stay the same, thats why we inform all of our costumers before the get into this venture. This is not cheap and you and only you can make this decision.

In this Youtube video we explain how seo works

The best strategy to build your online business.

We recommend to do both but first start with the Seo Local. The backbones of an online business is the free traffic. If you are building a business on advertising only you are building in momentum and this is the worst step you can make because if you can’t advertise anymore you don’t have any free traffic. No free traffic means no cashflow and no cashflow means no business.

  • First plan your Seo strategy
  • Build your website the right way from the ground up.
  • Start ranking
  • Do advertising

As you can see I added advertising on the last place because this is the most easy and it costs the most money. Advertising is ongoing spending and without the right strategy you will absolute fail. If you want to know more about doing advertising the right way you should check this out


Ready for growth?

1 Year
  • – One year of local seo
2 Years
  • – 2 years of Seo local
  • 1 Time deal only this week
  • $1000 discount from $11.976 only now $10.976

Why is it important for us to do it for 1 year or 2 years?

To rank your website is going to take estimated 3 to 2 years. This cost a lot of time in the first year because there are more companies ranking on google locale. They also have their team who is doing Seo for them so they can outrank you and get all the free traffic. For this job we need 1 year so we know we will get you to the first page.

Can you see the difference when you start to rank?

Yes as soon as start to rank on page 2 you will notice the difference and you will see the increasing traffic and sales. We will provide you with tools so you can follow your traffic on your Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop. You are able to follow your growth on the tools we provide you to login. You will receive a monthly overview on how your website is growing and the growth rate.

Seo growth chart graphic
Seo growth chart graphic
Step 1

Choose your 1 year or 2 years plan

Step 2

Klik on the plan

Step 3


Step 4

Make the payment

Step 5

You will receive a order confirmation.

Step 6

We will mail you within 30 minutes to plan a phone meeting

Step 7

We will call you

Step 8

We will discus your wishes and goals

Step 9

We are going to make a Seo strategy

Step 9

We will suggest the strategy per mail

Step 10

You give us answer to strategy / yes or no

Step 11

We will start doing your Seo for 1 or 2 years

Step 12

We will connect you to all the tools for you to see the growth of your website and how it’s growing

Step 13

Every month a new update with al the growth statistics and keywords that are ranking.

1 Year
  • – One year of locale seo
2 Years
  • – 2 years of Seo locale
  • 1 Time deal only this week
  • $1000 discount from $11.976 only now $10.976
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