Keto diet food review

keto diet food review before after

Keto Diet with Incredible Before and After Images

There is doubt that if you are looking for dieting motivation, it is quite tough to beat before-and-after pictures of the keto diet. The people in this post show how you can reduce your weight with just a low-carb diet trend. They have their own stories to share, read them, and be inspired.

Keto diet before after


Mary Alexander, in early 2016, saw herself in the bathing suit and decided that she had to change something. In just a few weeks, she began her keto diet, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. In accordance with Harvard Health Publishing, the keto diet is capable of improving blood sugar and accelerating weight loss. In only two years, Alexander had lost approximately 60 pounds. 

Mary says that the hardest part about the keto diet is the beginning. She loved sweets and bread, and giving them up was very tough for her. She advises losing weight requires dedication because following the keto diet can become hard.

Keto food diet before after


At the age of 21, Francisco Vega was approximately 100 pounds over the weight of his liking. He did not like his weight and to experience a drastic change, he considered the keto diet for reshaping not only his body but also his future. In only six months, he lost 75 pounds. 

Vega believes the hardest part about the keto diet is that you cannot have too much fruit. He also exclaims it doesn’t mean that the keto diet is overly restrictive. According to him, the energy and the mental clarity along with hunger suppression are enough to compel anyone to keto. 



Similar to many other dieters, Ryan had attempted to try every type of diet without finding effectiveness. However, she became interested in the keto diet before-and-after pictures. She says that when she stumbled upon keto, she was immediately impressed by the results of people. She was excited because she had found a concept that she had yet to try. 

Within only twelve months of her keto diet, the blogger, author, and mom had lost 100 pounds. However, to accomplish her goal, she lost an additional 20 pounds. Ever since then, she has been maintaining her diet. Simply Keto is her cookbook which offers sensible and sound advice for people who need to lose weight. She advises that people should avoid overcomplicating things and they should take it day by day. She also suggests that working on the emotional side of eating habits is necessary as it contributes a lot to an effective diet plan. 



In the first eight months of his diet, Chase had lost 75 pounds of his weight. He says that it made him not only feel better but also look better. Similar to many other weight-loss stories, Chase says that even after playing sports and going to the gym, he did not get any results. It was mainly because he ate a lot of wrong food which was not suitable for him. 

By adopting the keto diet, he began to consume a lot of steak, bacon, and butter. It helps him in losing pounds. He says that you would not know how it feels to be great until you try this diet and wake up buzzing with energy.



Sara Pierson could not hold it after years of nothing but counting calories. Actually, she required a solution which could help her in losing weight and keeping it off permanently. She says that keto was not like anything she had tried before. It had immediately gained her interest and she was obsessed with gaining more information about it. 

In a total of six months, she had lost 40 pounds while going towards 70 pounds. She says that she finds nothing better than not having to track her calories. She also explains that intuitive eating has been the real game-changer for her. Her advice is that if you need to start the keto diet, you should consult a doctor before beginning it.



Julie Smith finds it hard to name only a single favourite keto meal. Plain bacon and eggs, fathead dough pizzas, egg roll in a bowl, and bunless burgers are some of her few favourite meals. She tried the keto diet as a method of treating PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. She says that the best thing about the keto diet is all the delicious food that she can eat without gaining weight. 

She says that she found a number of Instagram accounts that motivated her to start her own keto journey. In just a little over the year, she had lost 60 pounds. She says that people can find inspiration from such figures and try the keto diet on their own.



Harvey says that he has been overweight for the majority of his life. He hopes that his story will motivate others in making healthy changes to their lifestyle and it will let them know that it is never too late to begin. The 42 years-old sales-manager had started his journey approximately 2 years ago and he has dropped 185 pounds in only 18 months. 

Other than just enjoying several delicious foods, Mayo had begun walking. Mayo suggests that you need to indulge in some activities as well for losing weight. You should begin with the keto diet and keep it simple by just taking a stroll on a daily basis. Once you are comfortable with it, you can just start the gym. Day by day, you will begin to see the results.



Joanna Wilcox, in the very first year of starting her Keto diet, she had lost 60 pounds. She says that the best part is consuming different high-fat foods without any worry. It is also incredible not to struggle with insulin swings and consistent hunger. She feels completely satisfied with the diet and she believes that she is the healthiest at the moment. 

Wilcox advises people to give their best for the first three months to the keto diet. She says that you should commit to your new way of eating and yourself, and it will produce satiable results in the end.



Actually, Raymond had made several healthy-living choices. For instance, he was a gym regular and he was also quite a careful eater but he just could not get the results he desired. He had even gone to see the doctor as he feared that his testosterone levels were not fine. The doctor had suggested that everything was fine, he just did not have fine genes. Raymond did not accept this response. It was his cousin working with a ketone supplement company that suggested the use of the keto diet. That is when his lifestyle and his story experienced a change. Ever since then, he has lost a lot of weight and now he has more than enough energy to perform intense workouts. 

He says that the best part about it is that you gain enough energy to spend it how you want. In addition to it, he also suggests that you need to dedicate yourself to the diet to experience stunning results.



It was emotional rebounds and binge eating cycles which caused Nicki Kirton to gain 350 pounds of weight. Even though she needed a solution, she could not do anything. It was the summer of 2017 that a friend had reached out to her and asked her if she had ever heard about the keto diet. She had certainly heard of the diet and she even had friends who had tried it. Since she was diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager, she was fairly accustomed with the keto diet, which was often recommended for treating it. 

Thus, Kirton chose to try the keto diet and she was quite ecstatic about the results. Since she began in September, she lost approximately 100 pounds. She says that she has finally found something which seems to work for her. According to her, anyone desiring a change should find inspiration from the stories of people who have undergone an effective change.



Ken Baker, after being out of his profession in the Navy, the veteran saw that his weight was incresing more than what he desired. He says that he was beginning to think about what the future would hold for him. The keto diet was discovered by Baker and he learned its ins and outs through different YouTube videos and the advice of keto experts. In only a single month, he had dropped ten pounds, and 40 in further five months. 

He advises that if you need to lose your weight, you should commit to your new lifestyle and invest all of your efforts into it. With sufficient time, you will be able to experience satisfying results.



Tori explains that in the first picture, she was crying because of how much weight she had gained. Similar to other successful stories, her story also involved a period when she could not comprehend what to do about her calories. She would often cry and think about what she was going to do. It was then that she got to know about the keto diet. She says that the beginning of her diet was very tough because of what she could and what she could not. 

It took her only fifteen months to reach the second picture. She says that she is incredibly happy now and she plans to continue following the keto diet. She advises people that the beginning of keto diet can be quite tough. In fact, it can even make you have second thoughts. In such a situation, you do not need to give up. Instead of giving up, you need to follow your diet and once you get in the flow, it becomes easier to follow the diet. 



Hilary writes that this Saturday was her 2 years of weight loss and fitness marker. Two years ago, she decided that whatever it would take, she was going to reduce her weight to live a healthier and better life. She came across the keto diet and the results that people had received from it. She exclaims that she gained motivation from them and decided to stick to the diet. 

After two years of following the diet and losing calories, she finally achieved the results that she desired. For people wanting to reduce their weight, she suggests that they just need to begin the keto diet. What matters is the beginning because most of the people are unable to follow the keto diet because they do not know when to really start. You should begin following the diet and stick to it.

So, what to do?

After viewing the pictures which have been listed in this post, you might be thinking about what you need to do now? This question is quite simple to answer. You just need to follow what your mind tells you. There are, however, some important steps that you need to consider. 

First of all, you should keep it in mind that consulting the doctor can be quite helpful. Although the keto diet does not require extensive consultation, it is better to meet your doctor and take advice. This applies specifically to all those people who have been diagnosed with a disease. The doctor can recommend what you need to do and how you can adjust the diet to meet your needs. 

Other than consulting the doctor, another important thing to consider is that you need a lot of dedication for the keto diet to work. Similar to other types of diet plans, keto diet requires you to work a lot on following the diet. Commitment is necessary for the keto diet to work or else it might not produce the results which you desire. If you follow a keto diet plan and stop following it in the middle, it will leave you halfway. Rather than following the plan with insufficient dedication, you should work on it properly. Even if you have to struggle a bit, you should do it and it will produce effective results.

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