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Website doctor

Is your site down? We will get it up within a few hours.

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Digital courses

An online library if you want to learn more about...

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Site down after plugin updates, What to do next? - Website Doctor

Website doctor

Is your site down? We will get it up within...

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About Us

Consultancytube is an digital consultancy firm of Noventas Holding B.V established in the Netherlands in the year 2019. This was after he helped a few friends with their websites. He helped them get higher in google and for some of them he build the websites. After this he founded his passion in being consultant because of the Seo, Sea, Socialmedia marketing knowledge he have.

About the founder Shudweney Noventa

Noventa is born in the Caribbean island Curacao, this island is in one of the smallest island in the Caribbean and has one of the biggest economy in South America.  He moved to the Netherlands when he was 2 years of age lived in the Netherlands for 33 Years. He came from poverty and created a great life for him and his family.

How did he manage to get out of poverty?

It wasn’t easy but with Will, Dedication and hard work he manage to escape. The first big accomplishment was the live band he had. With this life band he won the Redbull Soundclash in 2013. This was after 5 years he started with the band. The band became the biggest in just 5 years time and dominated almost all the gigs for almost 10 years from 2006 till 2016.

In 2016 he stopped because of the webshop he had, This webshop was making €170.000 per month. This was because of the Seo and Sea knowledge he have. From this point he had a few website and webshops that he sold in less than 1 – 2 years because of the fast growth.

“I always underestimated the 14 years of knowledge I have and now I want to help other people with this knowledge. Help them build a business to be proud upon”.

ConsultancyTube is born!

Now ConsultancyTube is born and is in a rapid paste. In just 1 month after the website went up we already received more than 20 request to partner with other companies by doing their Webdesign, Seo, Sea, Advertising, Optimization.

Give us a chance to proof we can improve your business


“The vision I have for ConsultancyTube is to open people eyes for the opportunities in this time were people are getting rich on a daily base. This is the easiest time to get rich and I want help 100000 of all the online entrepreneurs to get their business going on and give them a push in the right direction. By adding the right structure in your business or website and having ConsultancyTube as a member of your company we can accomplish great goals. We see how people makes huge mistakes with their businesses and website by building it on a wrong foundation. The first step is the most important step and this is your foundation, It’s just like the first impression”.

If you already have a business and you want to increase your online presents by doing marketing or promotion we are the right consultancy business Company to do this. We already did it for a lot of companies and online businesses and we know we can bring you to the next level. We would always appreciate your help and we are also honored to join your team and we will support you in your journey in this digital age.

This are the points we can reinforce your team:

  • Seo (Search engine optimization)
  • Sea (Search engine advertising)
  • Socialmedia marketing and promotion
  • Develop your website
  • Optimalisation
  • Consulting 
  • Develop your app

And many more! Give us a call and try us out.

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How important is Seo and how much does it costs? Antoine Dupon is an also one of the experts regarding Seo and in this video he explain the price and importance of Seo and organic Search. We added this video because it’s the right guide line of prices regarding this subject. We recommend you to take your time and watch this youtube video so you will be informed about the prices.

 ConsultancyTube provides you with online lessons and we can do your Seo, Sea or Socialmedia marketing. If you are looking for someone who can build your website or optimize your website don’t hesitate to see our benefits and prices and do your quick free scan. ConsultancyTube is a fast growing Digital consultancy with hunger to grow even more. We guarantee you 1000% dedication to your project to make it succeed. 

Next Steps…

  • Get your free site site audit.
  • Send us a email with your questions
  • Call back request ( we call back with in 2 hours)
  • Let’s help each other out.
Review Detox and Juices shop

Noventa works with a plan and is mission focused, there is no goal high enough for Noventa and i appreciate it because it motivate me to keep on moving forward. In this moment we are working on reaching more organic sales so we can turn the paid ads off.

Seo growth chart graphic

Organic growth proof

After Consultancytube

Noventa knows what he is talking about and his knowledge is valuable”

Kind regards,

Francis Neslo, Founder & Ceo

www.JuiceXpress .nl

Review Marketplace seller

” From Day one Noventa helped and guide me, he gave me tips and tricks and all my questions were and are stil answered within one hour. If there were any problems with my strategy or in the marketplace he would do everything to help me solve this problem ( and he always manage to help me solve the problem)” – Ardan

Marketplace seller

Review Webshop

” I love the way ConsultancyTube works, It’s fast and online exactly how i like it. They helped me build my website and also did the Seo. If i have questions i can always ask and they will mail me within 1 hour back. My website is always up to date and working perfect. My organic traffic is growing i recommend ConsultancyTube..

Organic growth seo

Organic growth proof

After Consultancytube